Hire an Artist for your Wedding Day!

Want to impress your wedding guests? Look for something out of the ordinary that guests can take with them to remember your special day. Nothing surprises your guests like having a professional artist to “capture” them on the spot.

Today’s  brides are definitely looking to stamp their own style and personality on their weddings. Adding something that will make their reception their own, and make their day stand out is what every bride is looking for. After all, what bride doesn’t want their wedding to be the talk of the year?

If your reception is formal or vintage, consider hiring a silhouette artist to cut traditional profiles of the guests.  Many find watching a live artist entertaining and even educational. There are very few Silhouette Artists in America today and many guests have never had their profile created. Seeing their image emerge in just seconds from simple black paper and scissors will likely wow your guests.

If you prefer FUN rather than tradition, you may want to provide a caricature artist.  Caricatures will surely make your guests laugh and create a fun-filled wedding celebration. The drawing becomes your guest’s one-of-a-kind wedding favor, and will likely not be left behind.

There are also artists who will bring an easel and create a painting of the crowd at your wedding reception! This makes a great gift for the happy couple and is even fun for guests to watch.

After all, every wedding has guests, food, flowers and music.  It’s the special ones that put in the extra effort to help make the day unforgettable for all.

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