What a unique alternative to the common round wedding table!

Decorate long tables for your wedding reception to match the mood of your  wedding, whether it’s simple, elegant or theme-specific. Longer tables allow you  to be more creative with your decorations as the space is generally larger and  more spread out so you can implement more of your favorite elements, or  introduce several different elements that wouldn’t work together on smaller  tables.


>Adding Light:
Use multiple candles or lanterns spread across the center of the table. Use  varying sizes and heights of candles or clear glass containers to create visual  interest and ambiance.

>Adding Flowers:
Place small arrangements evenly along the entire table featuring a single stem,  or up to three stems each. Large, over-the-top arrangements can be placed  sparingly on the table — use one for every 8 to 10 place settings. Use large  arrangements by themselves or with small complementary decorations.


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