The Newest Trends in Wedding Linen

Now it’s all about color, texture, layers and personal expression at your reception. We’ve identified six new creative styles appearing in wedding reception designs.

#1 – Bold colors

Color in weddings is hot right now!  Any color  that you choose will offer a huge variety of shades that are stylish and classy. Really, there isn’t any color that’s “off limits”.  If  your favorite color is green, you can select from Apple, Lime, Turquoise, Sage, Teal, and  the list goes on!  Some new colors worth listing are persimmon – a spicy, vibrant shade of orange; saffron – a bold, deep yellow; and butter – a warm, soft yellow.

#2 – Texture

Texture, from gowns to linens, is huge. This can mean a crushed look, pintuck fabrics, damasks, or other tone-on-tone fabrics. You can also show texture through layers, such as using sheer overlays on tables or buffets. Finish this look with accessories such as beaded candlesticks and votives.


#3 –Metal
You may have noticed that metallic is everywhere in fashion today! Metals can be incorporated into your reception design, through metallic fabrics, candle accessories, vases, or even the furniture.



#4 – Grey hues
As mentioned above grey hues & metals such as silver, aluminum or nickel are smoking right now! Try using a brushed nickel planter for your table centerpieces. There are endless styles and shades of linens in grey tones that can create a beautiful, trendy look. Why not accent with other colors such as white, aqua or any shade of red from raspberry to pink to fuscia.  Have fun with it!


#5 – Lace is making a comeback

In bridal gowns to wedding design, lace has made a big comeback after disappearing for many years. It’s a terrific way to add a sense of tradition, history and romance into your wedding. Table linens come in a variety of tone-on-tone laces, and even colorful options as well. Adding a lace overlay to a solid color fabric can beautiful.



#6 – Geometric designs
Looking for a clean, modern day  look? Think about applying some retro design elements. Choose funky styles that use lots of color and geometric designs such as white, bubblegum pink and chocolate brown. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, try using a geometrically designed fabric like a pintuck. Pintuck fabrics are gaining popularity and add a pop of modern, yet classy style to your reception.

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