Are You Planning a Wedding?

Q:  What are some of the things you think couples can do to make it easier for them to plan their wedding?

A:  Set forth a budget and really think about everything that goes into their wedding, like everything from the DJ to the caterer to the limousine to the photographer. And you’ve got to add all those things up. Cause that’s what happens a lot of times — they start with [one vendor] without thinking it through, and by the time they get to one of their other vendors, they’re down to nothing, and that’s one of the worst things you can do.

Q: I’m guessing that caterers need to come pretty early in the planning, because the food is such a major portion of the budget, right?

A: They do, but there’s not really like a rule that’s followed. . . . You always try to figure out, okay, what steps are they going in? It seems like we do [sometimes] end up last. And it is unfortunate.

Q: What do you tell couples they can do with their food that in and of itself will help make their wedding run smoothly?

A: Let me say it like this: You’ve got to please everybody. If you like spicy-spicy food, I wouldn’t say put that on your menu. What we can do is we can suggest, hey, we can make your meal the way you want it, and then make everything else crowd-pleasing. The last thing you want is Grandpa over there complaining, “I can’t eat it! It’s too spicy!” Or whatever it is — seafood, a lot of times people don’t like seafood. We might suggest putting that into the hors d’oeuvres portion and then sticking to things most people do like, like chicken and beef. It’s all about knowing your client. . . . I do ask them, “What is your family like?” and we do have a questionnaire we give them so we can find out if there are any allergies ahead of time.


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